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Learn To Create A Magnetic Marketing Strategy So You Attract More Clients Who Are Willing To Pay For Your Time & Talent!

It's up to YOU to make sure your ideal customers know you're the BEST CHOICE!

The secret is you need to establish a magnetic branding & marketing strategy so that you actually stand out against your competition and attract great clients who are eager to work with you!

Are You Ready to Level-up Your Branding Strategy in 2022 So You Can Attract Better Clients?

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The truth is, to run a successful business, you need to build a magnetic brand...

If you're like MOST florists, you're in charge of sales and marketing as well as floral design.

You're probably in charge of writing your sales copy and updating your website.

You may even struggle with selling yourself sometimes.

Or you could be spending too much time writing quotes for clients who are just shopping for price and then ghosting you.

There may even be days when you wonder why you can't seem to book the type of work you see your competitors booking.  

Here's a question for you: What would a proven branding building and marketing plan do for you and your business?

How would your business benefit from stronger brand messaging, an updated website, better client management systems that help you close the sale more quickly?

Wouldn't it be nice to work with clients who are already eager to work with you?

The fact is, your ideal customers are already looking for you!

So what are you going to do to help them find you?

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Hey, I'm Alison Ellis of realflowerbusiness.com

The Art of Good Business program shows you how to:

💐 Create an authentic brand presence that reflects your vision and passion as a floral designer

💐 Attract clients who truly appreciate your unique talents

💐 Get the right clients to say, “YES!” without hard-selling or weeks of follow-ups

💐 Design a business that’s YOURS, not a clone of a million others

💐 Add more joy, prosperity, and fulfillment into your business!

It's Hard To Attract The Best Clients To Your Business Without A Magnetic Message.

Successful Students Say...

Can You Relate To Any of These Frequent Floralpreneur® Frustrations?

💐 You’ve spent as many hours (or more) putting together proposals and doing consultations with potential clients as you spent on floral design work. 

💐 You’ve had to invest time in multiple follow-ups and answer a bazillion questions from a potential client to get them to commit to sending a deposit.

💐 You’ve had a prospective client try to leverage a discount by telling you that they can get flowers from "another florist for cheaper".

💐 You’ve developed your design talent so that you consistently create stunning floral arrangements, but you still attract clients who don’t get your style. 

💐 You’ve felt like “just another option,” instead of being recognized for your true artistic talent and one-of-a-kind brand. 

💐 You’ve wished that there was a way to get as good at the business side of things as you are at designing beautiful floral arrangements…so you could finally attract great clients consistently and experience the success you envisioned when you first started!

If you said "yes" to any of the above, you're not alone.

And that's why I created The Art of Good Business to help you overcome these common obstacles with an intentional strategy that attracts the right customers!

Here's what you get inside the course as soon as you enroll:

Part 1: Define Your Brand & Find Customers That Love You

  • What Is Your Brand?
  • Attracting Clients That Love You
  • Owning Your Unique-ness
  • Discovering Your Ideal Clients

Part 2: Websites That Sell & Attract Ideal Customers

  • Website Must-Have’s
  • Converting Sales
  • How To Talk To Your Ideal Clients

Part 3: Outstanding Customer Service Experiences

  • How To Choreograph An Ideal Customer Experience
  • Setting Boundaries & Establishing Trust
  • Prequalifying Customers So You Can Weed Out Price Shoppers
  • Presenting Budgets & Bills So You Get Paid On Time

Part 4: Eliminate The Competition & Implementation Week

  • How To Ignore Your Competition And Focus On What YOU DO BEST
  • Follow-through & Decision Making So You Reach Your Goals
  • Bonus Content, Additional Sales Tips & Encouragement To Keep Going

*Plus Live Training with Alison Every Week in January!

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"It was everything I hoped it would be: actionable steps for making my business better.

My biggest change in my business has been identifying what I need to do to move forward to MY big dream. This course helped me figure out what makes my business unique and what steps I can take to grow it in the way that I want."

-Sarah Bruxvoort

"The Art of Good Business puts a plan out there to follow step by step...

I tried to figure out my business path on my own and found a patchwork of information. 

The Art of Good Business helped me see that I am not alone and I'm smarter than I thought! I see the path to success more clearly..."

-Rebecca Raymond

"It's a course that made me realise what was inside me, what I was capable of and what I needed to do.

The most important lesson or takeaway from the course: Who my ideal customer was and what I needed to do to my website to speak to them.

Just a big thank you. You really have helped me turn myself and my business around."

-Vicky Laffey

Floralpreneur® FAQs

What Makes The Art of Good Business Students So Successful?

#1. They're committed to taking action to attract the right clients to their brand.

#2. They do this course work more than once!--In fact, students are invited to participate every January in live sessions and ask questions because you have lifetime access.

#3. They continue to improve and refine the authentic voice of their brand so they book clients with more confidence and ease--year after year.

What if now isn't the right time for me?

When is the right time to start working smarter, not harder? How long have you been putting off attracting the right clients and spending time in the wrong places in your business?

What If I Don't Know Who My Ideal Customers Are?

If you're not 100% sure who your ideal clients are, then The Art of Good Business will show you EXACTLY how to get clarity on WHO you serve and WHAT they want to hear from you.

What If I Can't Attend the Live Sessions?

No problem. Replays of ALL live sessions will be made available so you can watch any time.

I'm hesitant to invest in a course--how do I know it's worth it?

The Art of Good Business has a "do-the-work" money back guarantee. That means, if you watch the live sessions or replays, do the course work and reach out with questions via email or in the Facebook group and you still don't feel like you have the tools to attract better customers, I'll refund your entire purchase.

Let’s put more intention into how you bring the best clients to your floral business!

I’m Alison Ellis, and I've been practicing "The Art of Good Business" for 20 years in my home-studio design business.  

To say that floral design is my passion would be an understatement. It’s MUCH more than that.  

I LOVE getting lost in an assembly line of centerpieces with a Beatles playlist in the background and a lukewarm cup of coffee within easy reach. It’s a Floralpreneur’s version of being “in the zone”.  

But the branding and marketing end of things took me years to figure out!  

There was a time when potential clients told me they "went with another florist"-- and I felt like I was never going to "catch up with my competition" and start attracting the clients I really wanted.    

I knew that hanging up my clippers wasn’t an option; I wouldn’t give up on the flower business I really loved.  

So I decided to invest into strengthening my branding and marketing skills instead.  

It took years of trial-and-error and some hard-core training and coaching, but over time, I perfected and documented the skills and practices I needed to run my floral business my way--while still earning the income I needed to quit my day job and pursue my passion full-time.

And that's why I created The Art of Good Business program to help give you a shortcut on your own learning curve so that you reach your goals more quickly AND I provide live support EVERY January to keep you moving forward along the way!

Today, I’d like you to have these proven marketing skills and practices, too.

You don’t have to settle for being “just another option.”  

You don’t have to chase prospective clients for weeks or months only to get "ghosted".  

You don’t have to let clients push you around and decide what your time, vision, and talents are worth.  

You’re special. You’re unique. And you deserve to run a business you love.  

After all, you’re an amazing floral designer!

And there are thousands of people out there who are looking for your unique talents and vision - people who understand that there’s a BIG difference between the floral artistry you painstakingly create and the unremarkable “arrangements” from a grocery store!  

So let’s get you the training, support, and guidance you need to attract better clients and become a happier, more profitable Floralpreneur®!

Introducing The Art of Good Business...

In this fun, self-paced online training and group coaching program, you’ll discover: 

💐 How to design a business that’s aligned with who you are. 

💐 How to attract the right clients… and gently guide the price-shoppers and other time-wasters elsewhere. 

💐 How to showcase the work you do for clients on social media to make yourself irresistible. 

💐 How to define rules and steps so that your clients know their boundaries while still feeling valued. 

💐 How to get back hours of your time each week by creating systems that take the stress out of marketing & sales. 

In short, you’ll master the skills and processes I wish I’d learned when I started my floral business and finally experience the prosperity and fulfillment you deserve!

Ready to take control over your future?

YES! I am ready!

When you enroll, here’s what you get inside The Art of Good Business:

6 downloadable PDF lessons and worksheets that give you quick, actionable steps to strengthen the foundation of your floral business.

More than 4 hours of video training to help you put the lessons into place quickly and easily. In fact, you can access ALL the replays from every session if you want to watch more.

Exclusive access to The Art of Good Business Facebook group, with LIVE training every January, where you’ll get to participate, connect with fellow members, and ask questions (you can ask questions here anytime, all year long). 

Live group chat replays - this is an excellent way to get answers to your most pressing questions - even if you’re too embarrassed to ask. 

Email support before, during, and after the program - there’s never a reason to feel lost or confused, because I’m always just an email away!

You may be thinking...

“I’d LOVE to attract more of the right clients to my floral business, Alison! So how much is the Investment?”

I understand that you might be concerned about the cost--even though The Art of Good Business can help you work less-hard when it comes to attracting great clients and closing sales more quickly.   

It could cost you upwards of $10,000+ to hire a branding and marketing team to help write some sales copy and update your website. 

The full retail value of this program is $2,000, but you can join today for 5-monthly installments of $259. You Save 35% Off and 0% Interest.

And because you see the value, you realize that the investment you’re making today will pay off over and over again in terms of:

💐 Marketing your vision, skill, and artistry

💐 Clients who appreciate you and respect you as a true professional

💐 Having a unique business that stands out in a sea of competitors 

💐 Weeding out price shoppers and prequalifying clients

💐 Getting back hours each week that you’d ordinarily spend chasing down prospects

💐 Restoring the enthusiasm, positivity, and excitement you had when you first opened your business!

PLUS I've added a "do-the-work" money back guarantee!

Do-the-work Money Back Guarantee:  I'll give you the best guidance I can based on 20 years of experience so that you can attract the right clients and run your business with more confidence, however, this course won't work if you don't do the work. I'm here to support you and answer your questions, but your results ultimately depend upon your efforts to implement the work we do together. I stand behind this course and you can reach out with questions any time--so if you do all the homework and follow the action steps inside this program and reach out with questions and you STILL don't feel like you have the tools to attract better customers, I will give you a full refund


5 Monthly Installments of $259

or 12 Installments of $116

Plus, when you register today, you’re also getting these BONUSES:

You’re inspired to create a bigger, more fulfilling floral business. So I created these additional trainings to help you set the overall vision for your business so you can transform your marketing, branding, and processes as quickly as possible!

An Entire Year of Weekly Social Media Prompts - so you're never wondering what you should post on your blog or social media.

Business Plan Jam Session - you’ll identify and define your future goals, so that you’ll know exactly what you’re working toward

2-Day Blog Challenge - take these shortcuts to increase SEO and build the voice of your brand. 

Marketing Shortcuts 5-Video Series - get additional marketing and branding shortcuts to help your ideal clients find you.

Vision & Goal Setting Session - you'll set your future goals in motion with this 1-hour session and 12-page Workbook to help you define your goals for your business & your life!


"Very well thought out and in depth content...Loved the SEO discussions as well as the website tips.

This is a terrific course for a floral design company to take their business knowledge to the next level.

It also supports and confirms a more experienced designer and can round out any deficits.”

-Lisa Sommer

“I was hesitant to start and not finish...

but the course was very accessible. I am very happy with this course... I am not a business oriented person, but Alison is a natural and it was very easy to absorb everything she said with real examples."

-Sarita De Castro

It's Time To Make A Decision & Enroll Now!

But if you're not sure if this is right for you, please DON’T register until we’ve had a chance to talk!

I know that if things have been frustrating for a while, the Art of Good Business program is going to be a HUGE relief for you. So I understand why you’re ready to jump in right now and commit to this transformational program.  

But before you do that…

Let’s spend 20 minutes chatting to make sure this is what you need.

I’m not into the idea of taking someone’s money if I’m not 100% sure I can help them. That’s just not good business… and there’s no way you’d refer your friends and contacts to me if I did that.  

So we’ll review your current situation, what you’d like to turn your floral business into, and what your personal goals are.  

And as long as we both agree that this is the best investment of your time and money, we can get you registered right away.  

Sounds fair, right?  


Now, I do need to tell you that, because I spend a lot of time coaching, answering questions, and (of course) meeting with my wedding clients… I only have a handful of call times available each week.  

Once they’re filled, I can’t add more.  

So go ahead and reserve your time to talk now. There’s no cost and no hard-sell pitch. We’ll just get to know each other, and if this is a perfect fit, I’ll walk you through the registration process.  

If not, that’s perfectly fine too. We’ll part as friends, and perhaps you’ll meet another floral designer who could benefit from the Art of Good Business program.  

Either way, you won’t know unless you reserve your spot on my call schedule.

Schedule your time to chat today and let’s see if this program is right for you! 

Yes...Let's Talk, First!

P.S.: Here’s what one of my clients said about my coaching and training for Floralpreneurs. I can’t wait to add your success story to the list! 

“I clearly see that once I create my business model based on her guidance, I will have a template to grow my brand that can be only and uniquely mine. The class is broken down into easy to follow format and you can jump around as needed while remaining on target. However, I do suggest that you make sure to utilize all the content…trust me you do not want to miss a thing…Each time I go back over the material, I see things in a deeper hue. I’ve learned about myself, my belief system, my ideal client, my accountability, and my personal wisdom (yes! I have some!) I’ve been given a roadmap for business success that will be a baseline for my future growth…four weeks into the class the inquiries started coming, I booked three clients and have two new prospects!  

Alison has put her heart and her vast knowledge into this class. She is open and supportive. Honest and kind. She will tell the truth. She is clear and concise. She is a bit of a genius and she’ll bring out the genius in you! Her class is one of a kind because of all the backing and support she offers.  

I won’t lie, at first, I thought, this is not my forte, this is going to be a challenge…  

But Alison’s approach is to encourage us to take some action, because it all adds up. One success leads to the next and soon it was fun! My new discoveries are exciting, I found myself not wanting it to end, and was pleased to discover that the information in the class will always be available to me.  

I encourage you to indulge in the Art of Good Business. I promise when you are done, your journey to business success will have just begun.”  

-Rebecca Raymond

Earnings Disclaimer: The Art of Good Business is not a "get rich" program. Professional floristry requires hard work, building upon professional design skills, developing relationships in the community, providing value to clients, and serving others with excellence and integrity. As stipulated by law, Fresh Event Design, LLC can not and does not make any guarantees about your ability to earn any money with your business--your results in life are up to you. We feel transparency is important, and we hold ourselves (and you) to an incredibly high standard of integrity. That's why you can always contact Alison with any questions. Thanks for being here. Keep doing beautiful work.