Thanks for your interest in learning more about my book!

Falling Into Flowers, is finally here!!!...published in 2020 by Wildflower Media and I cannot wait for you to see it!

I created this book as a step-by-step guide for wedding and event florists who started their business because of their passion for flowers, but need to improve their skills beyond floral design in order to book clients, turn a profit, and feel proud of the business they run.

I hope readers will walk away with confidence in their ability to book clients who value their work and run a profitable business that brings them joy.

xo. -Alison

P.S. I happily signed over 200 copies of my book and shipped them around the world from Canada to the UK to Iceland, Hungary and Australia! I am currently sold out of books, but you can order directly from the publisher below.

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My new book, Falling Into Flowers, is about How To Become A Wedding Florist...

  • Finding your niche
  • How to book clients
  • Turning a profit
  • Building your brand

It's the nitty gritty of what you need to know to run a wedding business.

If you're like most of the florists I work with you LOVE floral design, but...

...there are a lot of "business things" that you handle on your own, too! That's what my book is all about--all the "business things" that florists need to know to book more weddings, make more money, and build a long-lasting brand.

This book will round out any floral professional's library with tips for owners and employees alike on how to close the sale, serve your clients well, and turn a profit.

Most books for florists focus on the design aspect, color theory, and beautiful inspiration images, but Falling Into Flowers shares business strategies specifically for floral designers. We don't focus on design in this book, we focus on the steps and strategies that keep you in business.

Introducing Falling Into Flowers...

Here’s what you’re getting inside the book:

Chapter I How To Become A Wedding Florist 

Chapter II Finding Your Niche

Chapter III How To Sell A Wedding

Chapter IV Money Talk

Chapter V The Business Q & A

Chapter VI Wedding Planning & Production

Chapter VII The Long Game

More about Alison...

I’m Alison Ellis. I teach florists how to price with confidence and maximize their income!  

I've been a floral designer for over 27 years and I love floral design. Just about every flower is “my favorite”.  

But the “business stuff” is just as important as a designer’s eye and a master florist’s touch!  

Because it takes a lot of time and effort to run a floristry business and if you’re not turning a profit, then you’re working for a hobby, not a business!  

And a hobby can’t be relied upon to pay your bills or provide a reasonable salary that allows you to “quit your day job”.  

Good news! It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to skip paychecks or reduce your prices to compete.

You can have a profitable floral design business on any scale that works for you, whether you work from home, a shop, or still consider flowers to be your part-time gig!  

I’ve been running my own small-scale home-studio business for 20 years and I am passionate about the art of good business and helping other florists grow their businesses, too!

xo. -Alison

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