Flower Math is The Florist’s Guide To Pricing & Profitability!

Learn how to:

  • Maximize Your Profit Margin On Flowers & Supplies.
  • Make Generating Cash A Simple and Clear Process.
  • Up Your Income.
  • Feel Confident Quoting Weddings & Pricing Everyday Arrangements.

These pricing formulas are your roadmap to consistent profitability.

If you're like most of the florists I work with you LOVE floral design, but...

...there are days when you wonder where your profit margin went.  

Well, you're not alone.

80% of florists I surveyed last year said they are not reaching their income goals…

If you’re not reaching your income goals yet, I don't have to tell you that's a problem!

Floristry is hard work and you deserve to get paid for your time & talent...

Even if flowers are your 2nd career or a "side-hustle" for now!...

And the Flower Math Formulas will help increase your pricing confidence and consistently reach a 70% profit margin on flowers and supplies!

It's SO important to maximize this profit margin because ALL of your "other expenses" (overhead, utilities, payroll) come out of the profit you make!...that's why you need to maximize this margin!

But you don't have to take my word for it, let's take a peek inside the course...

Enroll Today & Save!

Some Florists Wonder If Flower Math is for "newbies"....

Here's what one experienced florist said in a survey response after taking the course:

"Been in the business for 20 years and can say I have certainly been selling myself short....I had no idea I was leaving so much money on the table."

Here’s what you’re getting when you sign up today:

Flower Math video training to walk you through the written lessons and explain ALL of the steps from markups to design fees to delivery charges to rentals to recipes and wholesale ordering, we cover it all. 

6 Real Wedding Sales, Profits and Floral Recipes plus pricing "cheat sheets" that give you AND your employees a quick at-a-glance guide so that you stop overfilling orders.

Answers to your questions. Email support before, during, and after the program - there’s never a reason to feel lost or confused, because I’m always just an email away!

Lifetime access to the online course including BONUS lessons - How I Present A Quote Without Coming In Over Budget, How I Set Minimums On Wedding Flowers, A Breakdown of my New My Small Wedding Packages and all future updates to the course!

Whether you’re a:

  • home-studio floral designer
  • brick & mortar flower shop
  • farmer-florist branching into weddings and events
  • hobbyist with a dream or a side-hustle

This easy-to-follow pricing roadmap is made for you!

Flower Math starts with a breakdown and review of the industry standard pricing formulas...

THEN shows you how to create recipes...

AND how to keep your wholesale orders on point and avoid overspending...

So that you can maximize your income AND create beautiful designs your clients will love.

Maybe you're short on time...or you've tried other courses and been disappointed...

That’s what happened to Nicole.

She tried 3 “other courses” before signing up for Flower Math.

But just 1 day after enrolling she wrote to me and said…

"Flower Math made all the other courses I’ve taken completely irrelevant... "

"I took [3 “other” online courses for florists]… Even after all of that, it all seemed muddy. I told myself I’d give Flower Math a try and then no more courses. 

For the first time in nearly two years, I feel empowered ordering flowers. Flower Math made all the other courses I’ve taken completely irrelevant. 

It’s honest, practical and totally transparent. I can’t thank you enough. It feels amazing to have an actual plan about how I’m going to execute this wedding... I just ordered and knowing exactly how much I will be making. With your examples, I sat down and wrote out actual recipes, which I’ve never done before (since learning from a few courses above that they’re not necessary).

I totally see now that the flower shop way is the way! But I can still design how I want to and create a healthy work environment for myself….

I listened to your recent podcast interview and you said something that really stuck with me. It was something along the lines of, "just because someone is doing beautiful work and seems successful on Instagram doesn’t mean they are running a successful business in real life." 

You’re in this for the long-term. I loved that. It felt like permission for me to also stop caring what everyone else is doing and focus on growing my business for the long-term."

All the best,  Nicole

Here's What Successful Students Say About Flower Math!...And When You Join, I Can't Wait To Share Your Results, too!

"In one wedding I felt more confident in my pricing & made my money back on the purchase of the class. 

This really has been a game changer for me!!

I cannot thank you enough for putting out this course…the tools that you have provided [are] allowing me to confidently build my business’ infrastructure so that I CAN make a career out of this (and not only be a hobby florist).”  

-Susan of Wild Blume

" Your explanations are clear and precise for the creative,

I’ve been in the industry a very long time and plan on continuing & you have given me a boost to return to the shop this year and not feel guilty charging what we’re worth.”

-Lyndal, The Flower Dispensary

"Loving Flower Math.

I already knew how to mark up based on the “flower shop technique” but I felt like I was all over the place and not focused about how I was pricing my work.

I love that I now have it all in one place I can refer to and utilize.

Now I also feel like it is taking the guilt out of pricing flowers (I couldn’t charge THAT much for a hydrangea!). I can just tell myself, “According to the Flower Math that is what I need to charge!” “

-Shannon of Flourish

Flower Math Students who follow the formulas reach their 70% profit goal AND feel confident in the value they provide to clients.

"I took your Flower Math course a year ago and it's totally changed my business."

— Kasey

Introducing your roadmap to profitability...

The ability to maximize your profits on every arrangement you make means that the Flower Math Formulas will be your most valuable tool for profit clarity.

The full retail price of Flower Math is $599, but you SAVE $100 OFF when you enroll Today! (with 1 or 2 payments at 0% interest)

There is no other course that teaches this step-by-step process and provides the full behind-the-scenes disclosure of profits, recipes, and wholesale orders of 6 REAL weddings!

I know Flower Math is an investment in your small business...

And I know it’s not always easy to invest in your business, but I am committed to providing tremendous value to the florists who enroll AND Flower Math has a money-back guaranteeIf you do the work and don't get all the answers to your pricing questions, just get in touch and we'll hop on a call. If I can't answer your questions, you get your money back.

The florists who’ve completed Flower Math say that the value of the content far outweighs the cost.  After signing up for the course you’ll see the benefits of increased profit margins on every order for as long as you run your business.  

So let’s get you the training, support, and guidance you need to make you a happier, more profitable Floralpreneur®!

Plus, when you register now, you’re also getting my BONUS 5-Day Business Plan Jam Session.

You’re inspired to create a bigger, more fulfilling floral business. So I created this 5-day bootcamp to help you transform your marketing, branding, and processes as quickly as possible!

Define Your Future Goals - you’ll identify and define your future goals, so that you’ll know exactly what you’re working toward.

SWOT Analysis - you’ll identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with a potential to define a new, profitable opportunity.  

Marketing Copy Demystified - today, you’ll discover 4 secrets to quickly creating copy that works. 

Basic Business Plan - you don’t have to spend months on an intricate business plan just yet - today, you’ll create exactly what you need to take your floral business to the next level.

Make The Change - today, you’ll focus on updating and implementing changes; use simple processes to keep on top of your Floralpreneurial game… so you’re ALWAYS the most in-demand floral designer you know!

Flower Math was made for passionate florists who want to turn a profit and provide value to their clients.

When you join you’ll get immediate access to: 

0.1  A true behind-the-scenes breakdown of 6 REAL weddings, each complete with a full list of recipes, COGS and profits of 70% on flowers & supplies so that you can see how the Flower Math works in real life.

0.2  Over 21 floral recipes including a hanging installation, 6 different bridal bouquets, 6 bridesmaids bouquets, 6 styles of centerpieces (including a 19′ floral table runner, “eclectic glass vases” & a wooden box), an arbor, aisle flowers, large ceremony arrangements, flower girl baskets, eclectic bottles, and more.

0.3  Itemized customer invoices. (Yes, a look at my real prices so you can see how it’s presented to the client!)

0.4  Pricing cheat sheets to calculate design fees for you so that you can consistently fill orders to value.

0.5  Easy to follow formulas to calculate markups and design fees. (This is the “stuff” all florists must know! Even if you’re familiar with markups already, florists have told me they appreciate the breakdown on these formulas.)

0.6  A step-by-step guide to apply the basic “flower math formulas”, (how to price “both ways”, i.e. determine the price of arrangement when you know the stem count and how to fill an order to value when you know the price, but haven’t created a recipe yet), which have been handed down from florist to apprentice throughout the years.

0.7  Over 45 minutes worth of video instruction with details on how to apply markups as well as how I create recipes and wholesale orders that are “tight and right”, to keep my cost of goods as low as possible.

0.8  Answers to your questions! E-mail support from Alison if and when you need it. I proudly stand behind this course. If you have a question for me, before, during or after taking a course, just get in touch!

0.9  Lifetime access! Check in for a Flower Math refresher any time…and if I add to or enhance the course you’ll have access to all future updates as well. As long as I’m running this course, you’ll have access*.

10.0 PLUS THE BONUSES!!! Including how I create an initial quote without going over budget AND all my starting prices (and how they’ve changed) over the course of 16 years in my business.

In short, you’ll master the skills and processes most self-taught florists only wish they'd learned when they started their floral business… and finally experience the profitability, fulfillment, and respect you deserve!

Ready to take control over your future?

YES! I am ready!

You can have a profitable floral business, even on a small scale!

I’m Alison Ellis, and I know exactly where you’re coming from.  

I've been a florist for over 25 years and I create courses for floral designers who have a talent and love for flowers, but do not have anywhere to turn for mentorship to learn the business-side of the craft.

Transparency is what Flower Math is all about.

I’m not going to tell you what I think you should do. I'm going to show you, step by step, exactly how I apply the Flower Math formulas, create floral recipes, and put together wholesale orders to ensure I make a profit of 70% or MORE on what I spend on flowers & supplies!

Plus I share half a dozen real weddings worth of sales, orders, recipes & profits. 

I’m taking you behind the scenes to show you how I run my floral design business and exactly how much money I make on each wedding. A course like this has never been offered before.

It doesn't matter how long you've been in business or what currency you work in.

Florists in at least 9 countries have joined Flower Math, and both experienced designers and new business owners have written to tell me about a newfound confidence and reassurance around pricing their work. I am thrilled to hear these results.

You don't have to be a luxury florist to have a profitable business! You can make money on every order you make.

I know you will take these formulas, recipes, tips and advice and run with them.

With love from me to you,


Here's what real florists say...

“I have had a hard time getting over my own price hang ups.

Seeing examples of how the numbers actually worked, in specific designs was invaluable.”

-Floralpreneur® Survey Response

“Everything was straight forward,

I liked how you included [real] weddings that you had designed. For me, visuals are everything! Seeing photos, videos, and the formulas were so so helpful! Thank YOU for sharing this wonderful information for us designers who have been struggling with “Flower Math.” 

-Cheryl of Twigs-n-Twine

“Dear Alison, just finished your math course and wanted to thank you! 

In 20 years in floral business no one ever told me the real way they priced flowers… In NY I visited flower shops and noticed the way they picked flowers from the cooler automatically…. I don’t know how I did it all this time… I’ve been having profits but wasn’t certain I was charging correctly most of the time…. Your course gave me confidence and certainty to keep doing and believing in fair business practices! Thank you so much again!"

-Flower Math Alumni

And Blair of Sweet Blossoms says this:

“This class is perfect for anyone who is starting their own business, or for anyone who might need a refresher in the basics!  Alison gives super-helpful tips and formulas on how to ensure that you are running your business with a really impressive profit margin. Users will appreciate the personal touch that Alison brings to each unit, as well as the real life examples that bring the lessons to life. This class is worth every penny and more!

Sign up today! 

Now It's Time To Make A Decision...

As a florist myself, I understand that things haven’t exactly gone the way you’ve wanted for your floral business lately and you might be concerned about the cost… even though Flower Math Formulas will help you put your pricing insecurities to rest for good.  

A program this powerful is going to change your business--just like the success stories from past Flower Math Students--but if you don't take action and invest today, where will your business be 6 months to a year from now?

Once you enroll, you'll see that the investment you’re making today will pay off over and over again as you make money on every order you sell!....

Not to mention the power of restoring the enthusiasm, positivity, and excitement you had when you first opened your business! So why wait for profit clarity and pricing confidence? Start making more money in your business today!

P.S. I can’t wait to add your success story to the list! 

Alison spells it out, not only through concise videos, but also through a series of written lessons and cheat sheets. Nothing can be mistaken as she actually shares real weddings from start to finish – recipes, flower orders and invoices – removing the mystery from the game.

I’m Australian based and although this course is from the US, I feel it’s entirely relevant to our local market. If you’re worried about spending the money on this course, consider it the missing subject to your initial training, it’s a small price to pay for the huge benefit your business will receive.

-Christie, FloriographyI

Earnings Disclaimer: Flower Math is not a "get rich" program. Professional floristry requires hard work, building upon professional design skills, developing relationships in the community, providing value to clients, and serving others with excellence and integrity. By following the industry standard formulas as taught in Flower Math, florists routinely attain 70% profit margins on the cost of flowers and supplies, however, your total profits will be based on what you spend "above and beyond" the cost of flowers and supplies. Makes sense, right? Rent, utilities, employee payroll...that all comes out of the profit you make on flowers, supplies, and services you sell. As stipulated by law, Fresh Event Design, LLC can not and does not make any guarantees about your ability to earn any money with your business--your results in life are up to you. Always remember the Flower Math motto: It doesn't matter what you charge, if you overbuy! We feel transparency is important, and we hold ourselves (and you) to an incredibly high standard of integrity. That's why you can always contact Alison with any questions. Thanks for being here. Keep doing beautiful work.