Take the "Profit Eating Pitfalls" Quiz!

Give yourself 1 point for every "yes" answer:

  • you go to the wholesaler with a spending goal ("I can spend 30%...)
  • you feel "guilty" or unsure charging proper markups on flowers & supplies
  • you and/or your employees add "1 or 2 extra stems" and overfill orders
  • you know how to apply markups, but don't factor in a design/labor fee
  • you think you're "still too new" to charge industry standard markups
  • you're not following recipes because you think it will stifle your creativity
  • you make less than 70% profit on the cost of flowers & supplies (or don't track your profits at all!)

So how'd you do?

If you said "yes" to 1 or more question above, you're currently following a few "pricing pitfalls" that result in under-pricing and/or over-spending!...

But the good news is you can STOP leaving profits on the table and START keeping more of the money you're already making!

Whether you work from a home-studio or operate a bustling flower shop with multiple employees, the goal is to maximize your profit margin so you can continue to run a successful business that pays you/your employees AND provides freedom and pride in your work!

(You can troubleshoot on your own or grab a quick fix by following the industry standard formulas that I teach in my Flower Math course.)

Get 3 Steps To Calculate Profit Margin! (it's free!)

If you're like most of the florists I work with you LOVE floral design, but...

...there are days when you wonder where your profit margin went.  

Well, you're not alone.

80% of florists I surveyed last year said they are not reaching their income goals…

If you’re not reaching your income goals yet, I don't have to tell you that's a problem!

Floristry is hard work and you deserve to get paid for your time & talent...

Even if flowers are your 2nd career or a "side-hustle" for now!...

And the Flower Math Formulas I teach will help increase your pricing confidence and consistently reach a 70% profit margin on flowers and supplies!

It's SO important to maximize this profit margin because ALL of your "other expenses" (overhead, utilities, payroll) come out of the profit you make!...that's why you need to maximize this margin!

Get 3 Steps To Calculate Your Profit Margin! (it's free!)

You can have a profitable floral business, even on a small scale!

I’m Alison Ellis, and I know exactly where you’re coming from.  

I've been a florist for over 25 years and I create courses for floral designers who have a talent and love for flowers, but do not have anywhere to turn for mentorship to learn the business-side of the craft.

Transparency is what my Flower Math course is all about.

I’m not going to tell you what I think you should do. I'm going to show you, step by step, exactly how I apply the Flower Math formulas, create floral recipes, and put together wholesale orders to ensure I make a profit of 70% or MORE on what I spend on flowers & supplies!

Plus I share half a dozen real weddings worth of sales, orders, recipes & profits. 

I’m taking you behind the scenes to show you how I run my floral design business and exactly how much money I make on each wedding. A course like this has never been offered before.

It doesn't matter how long you've been in business or what currency you work in.

Florists around the world have joined Flower Math, and both experienced designers and new business owners have written to tell me about a newfound confidence and reassurance around pricing their work. I am thrilled to hear these results.

You don't have to be a luxury florist to have a profitable business! You can make money on every order you make.

I know you will take these formulas, recipes, tips and advice and run with them.

With love from me to you,


Some Florists Wonder If Flower Math is just for "newbies"....

Here's what one experienced florist said in a survey response after taking the course:

"Been in the business for 20 years and can say I have certainly been selling myself short....I had no idea I was leaving so much money on the table."

Flower Math is The Florist’s Guide To Pricing & Profitability!

Learn how to:

  • Maximize Your Profit Margin On Flowers & Supplies.
  • Make Generating Cash A Simple and Clear Process.
  • Up Your Income.
  • Feel Confident Quoting Weddings & Pricing Everyday Arrangements.

These pricing formulas are your roadmap to consistent profitability.

You don't have to take my word for it... Here's what Successful Flower Math Students say...

“I have had a hard time getting over my own price hang ups.

Seeing examples of how the numbers actually worked, in specific designs was invaluable.”

-Floralpreneur® Survey Response

“Everything was straight forward,

I liked how you included [real] weddings that you had designed. For me, visuals are everything! Seeing photos, videos, and the formulas were so so helpful! Thank YOU for sharing this wonderful information for us designers who have been struggling with “Flower Math.” 

-Cheryl of Twigs-n-Twine

“Dear Alison, just finished your math course and wanted to thank you! 

In 20 years in floral business no one ever told me the real way they priced flowers… In NY I visited flower shops and noticed the way they picked flowers from the cooler automatically…. I don’t know how I did it all this time… I’ve been having profits but wasn’t certain I was charging correctly most of the time…. Your course gave me confidence and certainty to keep doing and believing in fair business practices! Thank you so much again!"

-Flower Math Alumni

And Blair of Sweet Blossoms says this:

“This class is perfect for anyone who is starting their own business, or for anyone who might need a refresher in the basics!  Alison gives super-helpful tips and formulas on how to ensure that you are running your business with a really impressive profit margin. Users will appreciate the personal touch that Alison brings to each unit, as well as the real life examples that bring the lessons to life. This class is worth every penny and more!

P.S. I can’t wait to add your success story to the list! 

Alison spells it out, not only through concise videos, but also through a series of written lessons and cheat sheets. Nothing can be mistaken as she actually shares real weddings from start to finish – recipes, flower orders and invoices – removing the mystery from the game.

I’m Australian based and although this course is from the US, I feel it’s entirely relevant to our local market. If you’re worried about spending the money on this course, consider it the missing subject to your initial training, it’s a small price to pay for the huge benefit your business will receive.

-Christie, FloriographyI

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Earnings Disclaimer: Flower Math is not a "get rich" program. Professional floristry requires hard work, building upon professional design skills, developing relationships in the community, providing value to clients, and serving others with excellence and integrity. By following the industry standard formulas as taught in Flower Math, florists routinely attain 70% profit margins on the cost of flowers and supplies, however, your total profits will be based on what you spend "above and beyond" the cost of flowers and supplies. Makes sense, right? Rent, utilities, employee payroll...that all comes out of the profit you make on flowers, supplies, and services you sell. As stipulated by law, Fresh Event Design, LLC can not and does not make any guarantees about your ability to earn any money with your business--your results in life are up to you. Always remember the Flower Math motto: It doesn't matter what you charge, if you overbuy! We feel transparency is important, and we hold ourselves (and you) to an incredibly high standard of integrity. That's why you can always contact Alison with any questions. Thanks for being here. Keep doing beautiful work.